We are a Bangkok, Thailand-based UX consulting agency that is passionate in helping our clients overcome their user experience challenges through our systematic user-centered design process.
We firmly believe that focusing on people first is the key to success for any business in the digital era.


We are a small team of passionate problem solvers.

We always look for problems and are curious to understand their root causes before design. There is nothing we hate more that creating solutions that cause more problems than solve problems.

We are experienced usability experts.

Always with usability in mind, we ensure our design are usable and simple with our expertise in usability engineer.

We focus on your long-term success, not just short-term sales or pretty UIs.

Our commitment is to help our clients build products that benefit the users so that they stay for a long time, not just something to boost sales temporarily, from product vision setting to feature prioritization and wireframe.

We have experience working with various industries.

With experience in banking and finance, travel, e-commerce, insurance, commodity, government, and more, we capture the best interaction design patterns across different industries and can help you create a solution that really works.

Our process is solid but customizable based on your needs.

Process is what we always follow, but to the extreme. Customizing process to match the challenges of each project is what we always do as we believe that there is no one-size-fit-all solution to all problems.

We love to keep it low-key and easy-going.

We believe that communication is the foundation of any design project, and keeping communication easy makes design smooth and simple.


User Research

Conducting research to understand users’ behaviors, needs, pains and motivations through observational methods (such as Contextual Inquiry)

Usability Testing

Evaluate products or services by letting the users interact with the system while we observe and hear their thoughts along the way. using Think-Aloud method.

Concept Validation

Validate design ideas to ensure that the concept of a product or service meets the needs intended.

Usability Expert Review

Go through a system to uncover usability problems by our team of usability experts.

Information Design Workshop

Conduct a workshop to collaboratively organize overwhelming information into a simple and easy-to-understand structure.

Interaction Design and Wireframing

Making prototype that produce fastly to gathered early feedback before expending more money and time on actual development.

UX Consulting

Giving advices and concerns to improve customer's business in the usability area from end to end.

UX Training

Level up user-centered mindset, design, and research skills with realistic content and examples. We give training by doing and giving feedback intensely.


Our design process relies on what we call "The minimum-viable problem-solving process". To achieve a useful and usable products, our iterative design process consists of 3 areas:

1 Understand

Understand the users and their existing needs and pains, to serve as the basis of the upcoming Create process.


Create solutions based on the understanding of users and business.


Test to see how effective a newly created solution or an existing solution is.


Conduct UX training to improve awareness and capacity of team.


Contextual Inquiry

One of our user research methods that we frequently encourage our clients to start a project with which helps us gain insights on how target users use existing tools by being in the context to ask questions as well as observe how they use the tools help use learn so much more than just listening to what the users say, which most of the times is inaccurate.


Directed Storytelling

When visiting users’ context is not possible, we conduct Directed storytelling method. The method allows us to easily gather rich stories of lived experiences from users, using thoughtful prompts and guiding and framing questions in conversation. This method is especially good for exploratory phase of a design project to explore needs and pains in the area of interest.


Information Design Workshop

When it comes to redesign the information architecture of a new system especially complex ones, we try to collaborate with our clients as much as possible to get the sense of the relationship of the information as the clients typically have better understanding of how things are related, which would then become the foundation of the newly designed version.


Ideation Workshop (Co-create with Clients)

We believe that a great design cannot be created by us alone, but it should be the result of close collaboration with clients to ensure that the design addresses not just the user side, but also the business and technical sides. We typically start designing by conducting co-create workshops with the clients first to ensure that we don’t leave important issues behind.


Interaction Design and Wireframing

We strongly feel that before things become pretty, the information architecture needs to be right, the interaction and states need to be thought through, then the beauty can come in, as the information and interaction are the core of usability, which is the main objective of most of the projects we take on.


Think-aloud Usability Testing

The ‘Gold Standard’ of usability testing methods that we practice. Starting from preparing users to talk out loud then let them interact with given interface while we observe and hear their thoughts along the way. We always encourage our clients to come observe live sessions as it has been proven to be the most effective way for everyone to really ‘empathize’ with the actual users, hence making design process afterwards much easier.


Reversed Card Sorting

Reversed Card Sorting focuses primarily on testing the findability of a navigation or a set of menu. We give out pieced of information for participants to find using an existing or a newly designed menu. The participants also ‘think aloud’ while doing the tasks too so that we can understand what’s working or not.


Affinity Diagramming

How we synthesize our overwhelming research data using Affinity Diagramming method to group similar insights together, which allows us identify user needs and pain points through clusters of insights.


Usability Expert Review

When timeline or budget is tight, we also conduct Heuristic Evaluation method or Expert Review. Our team of trained usability experts go through the main functions of the system to capture usability problems. The problems are compared against ‘Heuristics’ or a set of usability guideline created by Jakob Nielson, then severity rating is assigned to each problem for prioritization.


UX Training (Quarterly Public Workshops)

We regularly run a public UX workshop every quarter covering topics from Introduction to UX, Design, Research, Information Design to Usability and more.


UX Training (Tailor-made Internal Workshops)

We also conduct internal workshops for organizations, large and small, on various topics related to UX, design, and research.


UX Training

Our Usability and Heuristic Evaluation workshop where attendees practice conducting usability evaluation on BTS skytrain ticketing machine to identify usability problems.



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